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SaveGuards offers vaulted bullion

November 29, 2012

SaveGuards is a new online platform offering private investors to invest in vaulted bullion, i.e. physical gold or silver stored in professional vaults.

Save Guards is the name of a newly established provider of vaulted gold. SaveGuards Ltd. was established in June 2012 and is based in London, United Kingdom.

SaveGuards was founded by Guido van Stijn, who is director of Global Gold Group B.V in the Netherlands and the founder of Gold Direct – a precious metals trader operating in the Netherlands and several other countries.

SaveGuards Value Deposit and Solid Saver

Currently, an ‘exclusive access code’ is required to access the SaveGuards’ website. Trustable Gold had a look at Save Guards products and services and we provide you some information below.

SaveGuards offers clients under its product Value Deposit the possibility to buy, hold and sell vaulted gold or vaulted silver. Clients can purchase physical gold in 1kg, 500g, 250g and 100g bars. Gold or silver bars are registered in the clients names.

In addition to purchasing whole bars, with SaveGuards Solid Saver clients can also accumulate physical gold or silver gram by gram. Investors transfer a predetermined monthly amount to their SaveGuards accounts, which is used to purchase gold. As soon as the equivalent of a full gold bar is reached, clients can request delivery of their bar, sell it or keep it in storage with SaveGuards.

Clients can place buy, sell or delivery orders 24h, seven days a week online. SaveGuards guarantees buy-back of purchased bars. Telephone support is available for clients and prospective clients.

Storage and safety aspects of SaveGuards’ offering

Precious metals held through SaveGuards are stored in Swiss vaults of Malca-Amit in Zurich or Geneva.

According to SaveGuards, precious metals are fully insured and the audit firm Deloitte performs a quarterly independent bar count. The vault operator Malca-Amit provides daily audit information.

According to SaveGuards’ terms of service, clients will always have 100 percent ownership of their bullion which will be assigned to their personal accounts.

Prices and fees

According to SaveGuards, for investors the price for bullion stated on its website is set by world market prices. The prices for gold and silver bars will include a margin to cover making charges.

In addition, SaveGuards charges commissions for purchases and sales of gold or silver bars, which is only disclosed at the time of placing an order.

For the management – incl. storage and insurance – of vaulted bullion, SaveGuards charges a fee, which depends on the holdings. The management fee starts with 1% per year on holdings up to 25.000 euros and decreases to 0.20% for holdings above 1 million euros.

Fees for delivery or deposit vary, e.g., by location. The minimum handling fee is 100 euros.

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