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Compare prices and ratings for vaulted gold

Investment amount 

Compare Prices

Calculate the costs for buying gold and storing it in professional vaults across a range of providers.

Premiums and mark-ups for buying gold and regular fees for the safekeeping of gold can vary significantly.

Similar to other investments, the costs of gold investments can significantly impact their return, especially for non-speculative buy-and-hold investors. We help investors compare the costs of investing in gold.

More information about vaulted gold.

Ratings of Providers

In addition to the costs of vaulted gold, trustworthiness and professionalism should be key criteria for choosing a provider.

In most countries like the United States and the United Kingdom, vaulted gold is not a regulated financial product.

We review providers of vaulted gold against transparent criteria. Providers that meet our safety criteria are marked.

Trustable Gold Seal criteria

More information on our Safety Criteria.

Tests and Reviews

For each provider listed, we provide detailed information and reviews about the vaulted gold products they offer including steps on how to become a customer, provider reviews and usability tests.

We currently review the following providers of vaulted gold:

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